Self-expression never goes out of style.


The Commons believes in the democratization of photography. We believe that photography should not be limited to a wealthy, monochromatic few. Our world is boundlessly eclectic and diverse; talent and vision hail from all walks of life. In spite of this stunning diversity, opportunity in the world of photography has been embarrassingly limited. 2018 saw an African-American photographer shoot the cover of Vogue Magazine for the first time in its 125-year history.

While steps are being taken in the right direction, we believe significantly more must be done to inspire and enable the next generation of creatives, no matter their backgrounds or physical appearance.

Our mission is to provide a program for students to learn photography as a means of self-expression and skilled work. This program includes instruction, mentorship, exposure to opportunities in student’s cities, and continued education.


Ashley Batz + Carter Hollinger

Executive Directors